Heart Disease (Heart Rejuvenation Pack)

Heart disease is a common term for any type of heart disorder. Some common types of heart diseases are:

Coronary heart disease - It is a disease of the arteries of the heart. It is caused by fatty deposits in the lining of the arterial walls.

Angina - It is a pain and discomfort feeling in the chest. It is most commonly felt in the centre of the chest and sometimes spreads to the shoulders or back. Angina can range in severity from a mild ache to severe pain.

Heart attack - It means death of the heart muscles because of insufficient oxygen supply. The main cause is the atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries.

Cardiac arrest - In this case, the heart suddenly stops functioning altogether. The affected person collapses and if they are not treated immediately, death may follow.

Heart failure – It is a condition when the heart fails to pump normally in an individual.

Prevention is better than cure. If proper preventive measures are taken, most heart diseases can be controlled. Certain steps that significantly lessen the chances of getting coronary heart disease include control of blood pressure, low-fat diet, weight loss measures, avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol intake, regular exercise etc.

According to Ayurveda, heart disease is manageable with the help of herbal supplements. The most popular and beneficial herb is the Arjuna herb. Arjuna or Terminalia arjuna has been used since ancient times for the cure of various heart diseases. Arjuna is a medicinal plant and the bark of the tree is used for treating cardiovascular ailments.

Planet Ayurveda recommends the regular use of its 'Heart Rejuvenation Pack' for the control and treatment of various heart diseases. Arjuna is the main ingredient in all the packs. The herbal supplements are purely natural, without any chemicals and free from side-effects.

Total Heart Support Arjun Tea Arjuna
Total Heart Support Arjun Tea Arjuna
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Total Heart Support Capsules:- 2 Capsules twice daily with plain water
Arjun Tea:- 1 cup twice daily
Arjuna Capsules:-2 capsules twice daily

Total Heart Support Capsules- These capsules are an effective natural treatment for various heart diseases, high cholesterol, blocked coronary arteries and heart failure. Total Heart Support capsules are 100 % vegetarian, purely natural and without any side effects. They help in cleansing of the blocked arteries and are very useful in heart attack. Indeed, they are the best herbal remedies for heart care.


Arjun Tea - Arjun tea is an herbal tea and designed by ayurvedic experts especially for heart diseases. It is composed of prestigious herbs, including Arjuna herb. These herbs are regarded as one of the finest herbs which are extremely beneficial in supporting the normal heart functioning. It provides strength to the heart and also promotes healing.

Arjuna Capsules- Arjuna is the most effective herbal remedy for blocked coronary arteries, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure and other heart diseases. It is a most effective herbal heart care remedy. Arjuna Capsules are 100 % vegetarian capsules and without any chemicals. They are free from side effects and are very useful natural cure for various heart diseases.


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Heart Rejuvenation Pack